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Similarly, I found coaching other agents to be very rewarding!  It is a wonderful feeling to help others succeed.  I pass along my belief that we should all be involved in helping others. Of course, your business will grow because people want to work with people that are helping others.  I want my clients and friends to remember that I'm doing something to help others - the fact that I'm in real estate is secondary.

My business is 99% referral, if I do a great job for everyone I work for they will send others. However, generally, people only move every 5-7 years, so how do keep clients coming in?  You involve everyone you know with all the goodness you can spread.  You create a collaborative that cares. You team up with other professionals who give back and you refer them as often as possible. You help organize parties and fundraisers to bring awareness. You hold workshops to empower people, and your network grows. It seems so simple, but it is a shift in mindset.

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