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#1- shaved legs
#2- real Jammie’s
#3- located my 2nd fuzzy star sock, paired again. Hallelujah!
#4-in bed before midnight

Do you have a routine to mention all that you are grateful for?

My year-round GRATITUDE JOURNAL keeps me in the right perspective, day today.

Sure, there are days that I miss.

Just like there’s an occasional week here or there when you take on two new foster kids and you don’t make it to the gym for five days, but these are seasons and they shall pass….

My regular jam is working out every day and journaling all that I have to be grateful for every night.

This journaling thing also helps me separate all the things I have to do and give myself credit for all the things I have done in a day.

If your job involves keeping other humans alive,

make sure you’re giving yourself proper credit.

I clean other people's ears, for crying out loud I need proper credit!

Today I found several of my clients that I am coaching not giving themselves proper credit for all they do!

It reminded me, this time of year while we are being grateful for ALL that we have, we need to be mindful of the credit that we deserve.

As mothers and women who run companies, households, and occasional marathons, we need to give ourselves credit for ALL the little things….

Including shaving your legs today!


What’s your win today?

What is most grateful for today?

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