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Y’all know I love to coach.

I live to motivate inspire and help others reach their true potential as well as build a SIX FIGURE income.

Today I realized the power of punctuation.

A lender asked me what groups she should join, to meet more people?

My answer?

I would join a running tennis bible study, anything and everything you’re truly interested in.

Running Tennis Bible Study? Is that through Bayside?

LOL, I guess one could assume that I would be in a running, tennis, Bible study group!

It would make perfect sense. Anyone who knows me knows it’s not a stretch that I would have a three and one combo group!

I did invite everyone to the yoga Bible study, with instructor Jenn ( Mom/ founder of  and inventor of RoosWraps.Com)

I see where she got this 💡 idea.

So just for the record, we should do things that we are truly interested in and build a community there…… Just a few of us ….

#bestie and beach running Just a few of us @ ladies night

Jenn founder of… And Inventor

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