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Updated: Nov 23, 2021


#Preppin for the pie party

Step one: get yourself an army green backpack for a small child, preferably the same army green color that straps your purse on, and keep both securely strapped to your person.

Step two: make sure you bring a cushion if you need to put a 10-year-old on a flatbed while pushing pies and an iPad preferably.

Step three: interact with no one. They will see that you have all the pecan pies, supply is running low in the bakery, they will ask to take one from your flatbed. Do not make eye contact, just make your way, straight to the register.

Step four: very important, And not for the first-timers. Make sure you stack your pie evenly here. Stack four, one on top of the other….. should be stacked evenly spread across the trunk, at the end of the trunk you’ll need to make sure you have three boxes securely holding the four rows of four pies.

Step five: don’t forget your heels on the way out the door it’s pie party time!

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