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#Building a Porch

If you have a like me???

You need a cute porch to supplement your living space.

Under $150 to plan this cool evening escape.

As you have probably gathered I have small children and an incredibly small house. This means rotating Rubbermaid containers, Full of fun things like monster trucks, pretend RVs and campers, and farm sets.

I used two of the Rubbermaid containers for seating. I topped it with one of the canvases to hide the Rubbermaid containers and popped two of the lawn cushions I had in the shed,  on top.

I had purchased the grass outside rug,  a few weeks back….just didn’t know where I was going to use it yet???

I always have a plethora of cute decorative pillows that the children like to throw their juice cups on top of, so I was looking for a space that would not be marked by sippy cups and the green juice they throw!

all that my space is missing now is decorative lights.

I love it so much I’m considering doing the other side of the patio…..

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