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How to Keep your energy high all day!!

1- get up when your alarm goes off.

FYI- if you get up an hour earlier you can accomplish more than everyone else!

2- get moving! Go for a run, practice yoga, lift weights, whatever! Move your body, and break a sweat.

FYI- pick something you enjoy you will be likely to stick with it.

I LOVE to run distance but you should find something you enjoy.

3- enjoy a sunrise whenever possible!

4-Devotionals. My favorite part of my morning. On my first mission trip, we started each day with devotions, journals, and

prayer time. I loved it so much, I made it part of my everyday.

I disclaimer.... sometimes I fall off my mark, with Devo time, or working out early am. Just get back on your usual the next


5-Start your day with a green smoothie. My favorite is kale, lemon, orange, apple, ginger, and cilantro with a few dates.

7-if getting up early isn't your jam, find some quiet time after work to get weights or a run-in.

8- I like to finish my day with devotions and journaling.

9-list for tomorrow. If you are crazy like me, and have trouble turning your brain off and quieting your mind for sleepy

time, make a list. All of the things that keep me up, that I am afraid I will forget? Write them down. I use notes on my

phone (I never lose that) I track everything that needs my awake brain and attention for the next day. This way I can rest,

knowing I am prepared for the next day.

10- check your calendar before bed. This helps me collect everything I need for the next day, depending on my

appointments. Am I helping a client move, or heading to a listing appt? I need to gather everything needed as I leave at

4:30 AM

And don't always return home, until later in the day.

I want to start a 30-day challenge,

Who is up for it?

Get up an hour early

Move your body

Devo and intentional time/prayer

Eating right

Setting new goals for work

How many of us would see a huge difference in our lives and our mood if we changed just a small thing or two.

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