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Life is unpredictable...

But my couch is perfect!

Today I’m

Working on being content.

Not taking on eight thousand projects, just working and being a Mom, and work out enthusiast and maybe a distance runner today too, oooohhhh that’s caught up on laundry!

Do you see how the list grows??

Not one of us is one is just one thing, we’re all fulfilling multiple roles.

I’m going to be grateful today for my perfect living room, my twelve favorite pillows, and that gold crochet blanket that looks great everywhere!

I am going to stay appreciative of the fact that I have a playroom in my tiny house, and room for a rocket ship tent in my living room.

I’m going to enjoy the sun when even when it feels too late in the day for a few miles to run in the Sun with a stroller.

I’m committed to finding something new every day that I’m content with.

Where are you finding contentment?
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1 Comment

Marta Krogstad
Marta Krogstad
Feb 11, 2022

Love this Jess! Contentment is an illusive life goal and a little goes a long way👍🏽

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