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constantly adding to the reasons that I am Grateful today!

I am reminded I get to work from home!

I can still rock a crop top sweatshirt😂

Oh, it’s the little things….

All of my work breaks include monster truck time!

I’ll get to use my pretend desk in my bedroom, a fluffy pink chair, and my very favorite new blanket from my Besty Teresa It’s good and crochet material, get to use my very favorite pillow at a thrift store find from years prior when I was staging. What a work setup!

A Mac book that travels from butcher block kitchen to pink fluffy chair bedroom

Set up, depending on when I’m on camera or zoom😏

Sometimes I just remind myself of how many things I have to be grateful about, and then I start my day off on the right track…

What are you thankful for this morning?

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