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Where is your happy place? You know the place you can find even in your mind, real quick if you need to calm down?
Beach baby!

Last spring I  enrolled in a coaching program. I’ve long loved coaching agents to find balance and make $100k, but that is more consulting. It’s the how-to, make $100k and how to balance workflow, adding team as appropriate, and high accountability. The coaching program I entered is so much deeper than…. How to? It’s the deeper reason behind why, why you need it??? For me, it’s balance. I’m one of those weirdos that enjoyed working 24/7, of course, that had to change as I adopted an amazing boy…..Now, ok then… I found I needed balance.

What is the balance? For me, it’s day trips to the beach.
I found, my happy place, as aforementioned, it’s the Beach Baby!!

It’s not necessarily a vacation it’s a quick family day trip. So what did I need to align to find balance with work and family? Day trips! Quick, cheap, simple to plan. We made it to the beach at least once a month. It was great for my soul. Terrific for balance. So incredibly easy!!

When you are clear on where your happy place is, you can conjure that within a minute if needed, and plan a real trip easily too.

If you can tap into that balance,

( the one we are all looking for, to feel complete) you are so much more efficient as a business owner, podcaster, Etsy extraordinaire, or whatever it is that you do to KILL IT, every day.

We are so likely as human beings, to overlook the obvious, and complicate things. What I love about real coaching, is digging in to find what’s blocking me???

A day trip to the beach? What! Easy….so fulfilling and easy to conjure up when I need to find my place of calm.

I can feel the warm sand instantly when I need to change my attitude.

It’s crazy how our mind works and how our happy place can transform our mood in seconds.

As warm weather approaches this is where you will find me and my days off.

Warm sand, our sand blankets sprawled wide…..accompanied with baskets of sand toys and monster trucks.

Where is your happy place?

What’s blocking your balance?

When do you get to visit?

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