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Keto Power Shake

I can’t take credit for this kite hill yogurt.

I had a boyfriend for a while that was obsessed with keto and had lost 100 pounds so I had a lot of respect for his diet and changed mine accordingly so that I could help them incorporate more greens and be super low carb!

That’s when I fell in love with this kite Hill almond yogurt. It’s dairy-free super low carb and has a good amount of fat to keep you full.

I love to mix it with peanut butter Vega protein, hemp seeds, Chia seeds, and a little bit of Splenda


  • 2 Servings kite hill yogurt

  • One scoop Vega Sport Premium Protein Peanut Butter Flavor

One heaping tablespoon of each.

  • Splenda

  • Raw organic Chia seeds,

  • Organic Hold hempseed.

You could top with frozen berries or even fresh blueberries but today’s gonna be a low-carb day for me so I’m just sticking to protein and TONS of greens!!!

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