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While unloading one dishwasher load I found, all of these things we do NOT need!

The goal is only to keep what we NEED and actually USE!

I have two dressers I absolutely LOVE!

One is from my Grams and the other is special because Dawn made it special

when I was staging all my own listings

( now amazing Ashley stages for me. Check out her page here)

I like everything shabby chic, and Stefani Hein my beautiful sister in law is a shabby chic master. Many homes that I have sold had asked me to make everything go away at the end of a move. Stefani would end up with random pieces and cool old dressers, she would then make them amazing with paint and antiquing ( if that’s a word?) techniques.

Because I wanted to keep the dressers they had to serve a purpose.

Drum roll, please…….

Ummmmm they now store Legos and the little cars, ya know the ones that hurt really bad when catapulted down the hallway into your shin when you're carrying laundry?

The second dresser from my country Diva Dawn is now serving its real

Purpose in the playroom.

Playroom updates up shortly. It’s a real Tiny House overhaul round here!

I just had a second foster kid join the mix, boys 3, Bonus Mom 1.  Time to make more room for more fun.

This week, we will focus on donating a bag a day, until we have paired down to what we actually need. Join on the journey.

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