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For those of you that think I have it together. Lol

I just want to share with you many days

I don’t get to a shower until 4 o’clock when the Babysitter arrives.

Last week when I arrived at school late, I realized I didn’t have a mask to run my child into the office…AKA “walk of shame through the office to school”

I was in shorts and a sweatshirt without a bra from Jammie time.

( real professional)

You are required to wear a mask through the walk of shame portal/school office, so I used one of the child’s cloth bibs to wrap around my face, as I made my way to the office.

It’s these days that I wonder what the other moms think when they say “oh my gosh, I don’t know how you do it?”

You just caught me on a good day!

A day that I was up in the middle of the night, I made it to the gym, I have a spray tan and I’m wearing a pair of sparkly heels. On a day I have a qualified babysitter that knows CPR at home, and one that’s not afraid of changing diapers for a ten-year-old, approximately the same size and weight class as myself.

I wish I had taken a picture the day I arrived in Jammie’s, with a cloth bib for a mask, but that day? I left my phone at home, and I don’t yet possess the ability to take a picture from my watch although I’m told it’s possible??

So I was just thinking as I made my drop this morning before heading to the gym, for those of you that say I don’t know how you do it? I’m just doing the same thing the rest of us are trying my best. Lots of days it’s a messy bun no makeup and sometimes the lack of a proper sports bra……

But in Mom land killing it!!!

I have an almost 10-year-old that is loved and cared for, he is well fed and dressed in matching camo attire on the regular. He has a house full of Legos and baskets full of monster trucks we have more ramps and sand pits than most children have. We are fortunate and blessed beyond measure. And that, that…… Is killing it and MOM land!!!

Where are you killing it today?

What are you giving yourself credit for?

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