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Now it is:

1- Workout

Move your body for at least 30 minutes every day

2 - Green smoothie

Make your first meal count. This is an opportunity for me to get in protein, greens, and healthy fats.

3 - Gratitude journal

Staying grounded starts with gratitude

4 - Plan out your workday, family time, and time to “HUSH YOUR HOME”

The structure forms habits. Sleep is needed is your going to kill it each day

It was suggested at the IF Conference,
where I gathered with many of my Besty‘s. That we need a routine to “Hush Our Homes”.

Hushing would consist of turning off all electronics and televisions and turning down the lights. This would be a time for books and cuddling, for us, it includes prayer time and getting ready for bed.

I have noticed a monumental difference in my kid's sleep schedule and my own just initiating hushing our homework around 7:30 PM.

I plan my workouts while everyone is asleep

(Aka the middle of the night)

My work time is structured around limited school time and limited babysitting hours. This means checking in with my team

Multiple times a day to make sure we’re on track.

The nights I zoom in for coaching means I make dinner early and do bath-time late. The point is it is all scheduled.

The structure is how habits are formed.

Our healthy habits are what keep us in check and allow us to kill them every day.

I would love to hear how you’re killing it today?
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