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Our High Vibe Tribe.

This morning on my mastermind our discussion was feeding the hungry. This is not a mastermind where we share scriptures, or even talk about faith, however..... this very scripture made itself known.

One of our HIGH VIBE TRIBE, ( as we named our mastermind group) told us about her efforts with feeding and clothing the homeless this week. Stef Boyd has become a “Street Medic” and is working with professionals from UC Davis, our learning, and community-based hospital.

Within our group, our discussion turned to abundance and how so many of us think we do not have enough, be able to share on a level great enough to impact a community. Stef shared that she is using her $20 per day that was previously spent on a coffee from a coffee shop and a lunch out. Stef is instead using those $20 to feed over FIFTY homeless people each day!!

Talk about meeting a need!! Talk about abundance!!

So, maybe the homeless isn’t your heart? Maybe you have a different purpose? Are you looking for your purpose? Are you looking for your community? Are you looking for your way to help? Instead of getting sucked into the drama? Regardless of what’s going on in the world, there’s always some drama you can get sucked into and find your self dwelling on things that are less than positive.

As we ended our mastermind call, we set out our goals for the day, which include, three months, six months, and nine months plans that we will send back to the group.

I next jumped on my 8 o’clock devotional with girlfriends.

Do you know what the scripture was today? Come’s Psalms 37:3. Funny, but then again totally expected.

Our second scripture today Hebrews 13:2  As we finished our devotional, we decided to open up our group to the public on a larger scale!

One of my besties Kristina Jackson and I took our devotionals from our Mexico mission trip, four years ago and incorporates it into our workout/sauna time.

At the gym, in the sauna, or locker room specifically, some know us as the Bible girls.

Initially, I was scared to death to start reading our devotional or open in prayer in front of others on the sauna. They’re going to think we’re weird, or maybe even be offended, I worried. Much to my surprise, we were instead met with total gratitude. “Why thank you for that blessing!” “Girl, I needed a prayer today” “Will you be here tomorrow?” “Hey, are you the Bible girls, my Frye d and I want to join you, what time do you start?”

When I the first girl asked me that in the locker room, I think I looked behind me? LOL If you would have told me years prior that anyone would’ve referred to me as a Bible girl, I would’ve told you you’re wrong. Must have the wrong girl, I mean I’m a good person and all, but I’m not a Bible girl.....NAH........ must have me confused, probably some other blond girl, you know we all look alike?

So imagine my surprise as we were coined the Bible girls!

I now really appreciate our name, I love that we are able to make an impact. Look how God’s using imperfect blonde girls, in the gym sauna to deliver a message.

So now our devotional message is available through Facebook. Sauna is closed. Gym, they're closed for a minute... But our devotionals? Devotionals, they still have a place every single morning!

Join us...... 8 am......... It’s five or ten minutes, that will transform your day!

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