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I’ll take it!

The goal is to build muscle…

Ok, maybe the real goal is alone time?

Grown-up time?

Time with my Bestie’s The Bible Girls, you know my Bestie‘s with matching

God is Dope, hats!

In any event, it’s time well spent. We typically meet around 4:30 AM

(AKA middle Of the night)

It’s great to have your girls with you, push through your plateaus, and go heavier!

Best part is….. we have all competed together. We know what works! And what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for Kristina or Lonna. But I know what works best for me, it’s IF and vegan Keto.

Several of my trainers have encouraged me to eat more carbs and do LESS cardio?

But cardio is needed for my sanity you see!!!

And, the Second I go back to my keto diet I lean right out.

Although I’ve had momentary WINS, shoveling in proteins, between VEGA protein shakes, it’s not my fav. It’s so much easier for me to have coffee with MCT oil, practice intermittent fasting and eat nuts, seeds, and vegetables, and a very tiny amount of fruit while keeping up my cardio and lifting heavy!

I tell you this, to tell you that this morning when I weighed in… numbers were better than they were on my last show!

After just four weeks of my preferred diet and exercise routine.

So when I know what works….. why do I allow trainers and to come in and tell me they know better?

Which made me think…….

why do so many of us allow some of the professionals to come in and tell us what’s better for us when we know what’s best for ourselves?

How many times have I allowed someone to come in and tell me that I’m doing too much? Or allowed somebody to talk to my new business idea or tell me that I don’t need to start another business?

How many times have I allowed somebody to come and tell me that’s not how I should worship, or to tell me what my faith should look like?

Why do we accept such things???

When you know what God really purposes you for, it makes it easier to know.

I find when I pray very specifically God answers specifically.

I’m clear that I’m on the path.

And I wouldn’t limit my specific prayers too big decisions like career or which church to worship with, I use my very specific prayer all the way down to what I should be eating and how I should be exercising. Remember God created our body to be a temple!

A temple we are supposed to love and enjoy and take care 🙏🏼

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