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Let it go..Let it go.

Is that Frozen song now in your head? This song plays on repeat for me! LOL

How many times a day, do I need to be reminded to just let it go?

Wouldn't life be so much more peaceful, if we were truly able to just let it all go?

Every time I think I have this one dialed, I am reminded | have more work to do!

With adults I find it easy to forgive, an adult can give me a concrete answer, a new plan and a way to make better choices so we don't find ourselves

in troubled waters again. My teenager on the other hand? Not so much.

Their brains have not developed enough to plan. As I navigate through the troubling times with a

teen, coupled with peer pressure and new technology and things I didn't even know were a

thing! Oh boy, these things! They sure make it hard for my teen.

I found this scripture on my heart today.

Just let it all go!

Forgive and get rid of any anger..

Be Kind and Compassionate.

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