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Maximizing your Opportunities!

How can you maximize

Your current opportunities????

Not that it is a bad idea to start a side hustle. Too often I see people start a side hustle because their 9 to 5 is not fulfilling. We’re all looking for fulfillment. I just wanna challenge you, and have you really look into what opportunities are already around you within your 9-to-5 within your current group of friends within your current organizations and networks that you could really maximize and maximize your opportunities????

I example is being a realtor. I love that I love helping people I love helping families I love creating wealth I love strategizing and negotiating I love everything about this career. In 2013 I took a course that changed my life and my trajectory. It’s the first time I broke 100,000 and I signed up for that course to facilitate and coach. I was able to begin formally coaching in 2014 when I started working with Mr. James Becker, who pushed me right outside my comfort zone and challenged me to start recruiting agents. I have been able to maximize my opportunity as a realtor, and not only coach other agents but recruit and mentor newer agents too.

I want to challenge all of you to see if there is indeed a way to maximize what your current opportunities offer?

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