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Biscuits and Budget

Biscuits in the oven, gonna watch them rise..

How does this have anything to do with budget? I'm so glad you asked, let me break it down for you. You see, my friend and I were once young and hecka poor, we lived within a very small

budget. As young girls and roommates in college we had a few staples, we relied on.

This budget included soup cooked in the crockpot and biscuits and gravy on the regular. See I told you there would be a tie in, LOL. I found it appropriate to publish this today because so many of our friends expressed interest with purchasing a home but have not found a way to save any money. I want to introduce you to Cal HAFA. where your only amount out-of-pocket is your thousand dollar, Earnest money deposit which is returned upon close of

escrow. I pay for all of the inspections and I pay for the appraisal!

see you really aren't out of pocket anything, in fact now that I have a very large yellow moving truck I am also able to help clients move for free!!

All part of the service folks! So if you are finding excuses as to

why you can't purchase a home this year I would like to offer you soup recipes for the crock pot

and tuneless biscuits and gravy. $I000 is ALL YOU REALLY NEED, to make home ownership a reality! Then we can all get together and sing biscuits in the oven going to watch them rise, right before my very eyes!

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