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Arms 🦾

What does a good arm workout have in common with killing all of your goals today?

A lot actually!!!!

You got it! You were accountable! You killed it in your workout! Do you feel your mind-body connection? And that motivation that propels you to go kill it at work today?

Among the THREE devotionals, we read today…. This one spoke to me the most.

So here is the share for the day!

And Also Here's the Power Arm Workout!

➡️ Incline dumbbell curls,

➡️ barbell reverse curl,

➡️ skull crushers

➡️ Rope pull-downs,

➡️ kick back with arms,

➡️ curls with pully

Kick back with arms

3x 15 reps, each side

Rope pull downs

3x 15 reps

Curls with pulley

3x 15 reps

Skull crushers

3x 15 reps

( bulking try 15,12,10, go heavier with lower reps)

Reverse curls

3x 15 reps

Incline DB curls


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