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Find your partner…..Or TWO!

Ok, I appreciate accountability.
I am self-motivated, to get up in the middle of the night and find my way to the gym, but, again, I like Accountability.

Two besties are the perfect way to hold accountability. Someone is almost always with you, even if one is out.

These girls??? They're the best!

We’ve done this for a long time! Sure we had seasons, one called the Rona, or when I first settled into Bonus Mom structure, that took us off the mark for a minute, but for the better part of 8 years, we’ve been pretty accountable every morning, or middle of the night, whatever you call 5 am gym arrival.

Of course, what’s a rad gym session without sauna time and a devotional at the end?

Oh, that hot sauna, it is the best!

After you’ve pumped and sweated upstairs, it’s good to sweat some more and dial in your day's intention, sealed with a prayer.

Where are you finding your accountability partners?

Where do you set your intention?

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