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Shoulder and Chest Day

FYI- I’m completely aware of these are not real names of exercises, however, they are the names that I have deemed so that I remember which exercises they are.

Also FYI we have lots of guest passes and if you’d like to join us in the middle of the night a.k.a. 4 AM at the Lifetime in Roseville we will be there to impart wisdom??? Nah, tell funny stories, make up funny names for each exercise, and push each other to do more. (Bonus? matching outfits)

Now it has been suggested, that if you have implants, like me, you don’t need to do chest? However, I disagree because I want a very well-rounded shoulder and, as many chest muscles as possible.

Today we did three reps of each exercise and the highest weight that we were able to push is posted.

Shoulder press- ended with 30 lbs

Chest press-25

Chest fly laying down - 10

Upright rows with bar - 40

Front raises -10

Laterals - 12.5

Round the worlds - 25 ( dying by the way)

Arm pull out - 10 out

Arm pulls in - 5


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